The Hospital

QMMCQMMCQMMCQuirino Memorial Medical Center, a national government funded medical center under the Department of health headed by Dr. Rosalinda F. Arandia, celebrates 50 fruitful and meaningful years of health and medical care delivery to the people.

More popularly known as “Labor Hospital”, the QMMC formally opened its doors to the public on August 15, 1953. It was the only government hospital of its kind in Quezon City when it was first established. Its beginning forty years ago can be traced from its name which bears identification with the working force as the major beneficiary of its medical services. Its primary purpose of reaching out to the sick and infirm was achieved in line with the late President Elpidio Quirino’s social amelioration program.

The site where the medical center stands, an approximate area of 42,000 square meters between Katipunan and J.P. Rizal east side of Project 4, Quezon City, overlooking Marikina Valley was donated to the Bureau of Hospitals by a mortgage executed by the People’s Homesite and Housing Corporation with the Philippine National Bank on December 5, 1951.

The first hospital building was constructed partly from the proceeds of the Labor Festival raised under the auspices of the Department of Labor in 1951 and partly from the Sweepstakes Fund. In April 1952, members of the International Labor and Marine Union of the Philippines, whose efforts made the establishments of the hospital possible, wanted to transfer the hospital to Isla de Balut which was easily accessible to laborers. They also requested that the hospital name be simply LABOR HOSPITAL in honor of the laborers who could easily identify with their “own” hospital. This appeal did not materialize. On November 11, 1952, the first building to be constructed was turned over by the Department of Labor to the Department of Health with the request that it be dedicated in honor of President Elpidio Quirino. The name “Quirino Labor Hospital” was inscribed on its façade.



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